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Funny Day on the nice weather day with the real local boat of Krabi - Long Tail Boat. Krabi people is the highest professional about the long tail boat because all of them had used all of the life with this kind of boat. Long tail boat is the open one and can be reached every island's beaches around Krabi. Moreover, charter long tail boat is much cheaper. Why not? One time for your life. (Having Holiday in Krabi.)

Porda Island:

It is a beautiful small island, there is only one beach surrounding the island, you can walk around on the beach very easy. Swimming and Snorkeling can do every point from the beach. To visiting there by long tail boat can combine with the other islands.

Hong Island:

Hong Island or Koh Hong had been considered by the tourists who had been in Krabi before that Hong Island is the best one for relaxing on. There is the lake in the mountain that we call Hong (It means room) as well as the beach on Hong island is very white and clear water. Upper from the beach is the national park which you can walk into the jungle to see the forest life as well. Nice place for using your high value holiday time for one day.

Separated Sea (or Tale Wak):

It is the wonderful moment. One moment in time, the area of 3 Islands - Tub Island, Chicken Island and Tublan Island can be connected by the beach road. After the water down opening the sandy road that the people can walk from the Island to the others. The great place to visit.

Chicken Island:

The mountain island shaped as a chicken is standing on the sea. However, we go to chicken island because of the Coral Reef, Fishes and the other marine life are full at the back of this Island. Long Tail boat can floating and let you jump down from the boat to do the snorkeling before park on Chicken Island beach for pick nick lunch on the beach.

Koh Phak-Bia:

Koh Phak Bier is located next from Koh Hong. The place is good for Snorkeling and Swimming. Koh Phak Bier will be separated to be 2 Islands on the high tide day and come to be only one Island when the water is down. (Because of water low tide separated the land hidden under the water to be the road which you can walk between 2 Islands)

The trip to Phak Bier Island is combined to the Hong Island always. They are near location.

Pranang Cave Bay:

In the part, the old people told that "there is a princess had escaped from the palace to stay and hidden her wealth in this cave. The cave is on the beach in the hill and the beach is very nice. So, there are 2 reasons to come to Pranang Cave Bay - one is look the princes' cave and another one is swimming on the beach hidden in the mountain.

Lading Island:

It is just 15 minutes by long tail boat from Hong Island to Lading Island. There is only one small nice beach at Lading. The sand is look like the powder and the water is so clear. The people like to continue their trip from Hong Island to Lading (because of it is not too far away from there) Long Tail boat can stopped on the beach and the atmosphere come to be like a private world in the arms of Sea.

Red Mountain Island:

This is the mountain located on the sea, there is no beach, there is no any relaxing beach of this Red mountain. But, there is a perfect coral reef and full of marine life around of this Island. The people like to stop here and jump down from the Long Tail boat for snorkeling. It will be always mixed with the trip to Hong Island in one day.

Koh Rai Island:

This island is located near Phak Bier Island. They can connected together by the sandy road after the water low tide. The sandy road will be hidden under the water after the water tide up. The Long Tail boat will stop on the Phak Bier Island and you can walk pass the sandy road to Koh Rai. A great place to visit the area of Koh Rai. (Snorkeling is a great thing to do here)

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